Slackrobats Mad Libs

Slackrobats Mad Libs #1

Let’s Get Ready To Laugh…

Mad Libs for Slackliners + AcroYogis

Remember that silly Mad Libs game you played as a kid? You had to fill in the lines with adjectives, nouns or verbs to create a story full of funny sentences. Everytime you have a different person fill in the nouns and adverbs, you get a different funny story that unfolds. I remember those quirky little booklets full of weird and silly stories, I really liked them.

They made me laugh in times of challenge, when I was young. I thought that now is a great time to laugh…to be silly, to share a giggle with a friend. Laughter heals us. It reminds us of connection. It supports us in times of stress. Laughter opens the heart to feeling, to sharing, and to caring.

So here is a fun Slackrobats Mad Lib I created for all you silly Slackrobats out there. In case you’ve never filled out a Mad Lib before, let me explain. I have a list below that you fill out on a piece of paper or I-Pad, whatever. I ask for a verb or silly word or a noun, and you write down what ever comes to mind. After you fill out the list, you fill in the blanks to the story below with your answers. Then read the story and prepare to laugh. You can do this by yourself or have a friend fill out the list, and see how the story changes. Here we go…

If you prefer to download copies of the Mad Libs and print them out to fill out with your friends, we’d be happy to email them to you!

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The talented @lindsikaycircus flying a mono shin-to-hands
The talented @lindsikaycircus flying a mono shin-to-hands


  1. Adjective
  2. Place
  3. Time of Day
  4. Persons Name
  5. Adjective
  6. Body Part (plural)
  7. Feeling (past tense)
  8. Animal (plural)
  9. Verb (past tense)
  10. Animal
  11. Noun
  12. Adjective
  13. Silly Word
  14. Verb (past tense)
  15. A feeling
  16. Adjective
  17. Body Part
  18. Verb
  19. Adverb
  20. A feeling
  21. Adverb

Or perhaps you would prefer to download these Mad Libs here.


AcroYoga Mad Lib #1: Divine Play



I had such a(n)            1.             time at Divine Play this year, let me tell you all about it.

I caught a ride to            2.           on Thursday at           3.           with a trucker named

          4.           .  She had            5.            socks and smelly           6.             the whole drive.

I was so            7.            to do AcroYoga with some Acro            8.        , I didn’t care

what the truck driver            9.            like.  I did some yoga poses like

downward           10.             and         11.             pose to pass the time. Finally we arrived

in         12.          town and I hooked up with some Acro           13.           peeps and

we             14.              out. The next morning I made it to Divine Play and was            15.           

to see so many           16.              people. I got to fly            17.             -stand and

base            18.           -bat, which made me                 19.                      20.            .

I felt so            21.              supported by theAcro community, I recommend you go next year!

A little downward-dog stack action going on
A little downward-dog stack action going on…@slackrobats @lindsikaycircus


Slacklining Mad Lib #1: It’s Just You and The Slackline

You got time for one more? My friend @fletchffletching wrote this one, prepare to smile.



  1. Noun (plural)
  2. Verb
  3. Noun
  4. Adjective
  5. Adjective
  6. Verb (present participle)
  7. Animal (plural)
  8. Element
  9. Verb (present participle)
  10. Noun (plural)
  11. Adjective
  12. Noun
  13. Body Part
  14. Name
  15. Body Part
  16. Person

Or perhaps you would prefer to download these Mad Libs here.




Some say slacklining is just webbing tied around two            1.           , but I see it as a

meditation. It helps me focus and calm my mind. As my mind starts to           2.          

down, so does the             3.          . Slackline meditation slowly turns into a practice of

sport, fun, and is         4.          .  So        4. (again)         in fact, that it can make it a

little            5.         .  And taking risks keeps us alive. I think, meditation is like

           6.          , like slacklining is to              7.           .  If you slackline over           8.         ,

the fear of           9.           becomes apparent. So closing your eyes and thinking of

          10.           helps. If that doesn’t work, try thinking of            11.           and

          12.         .  And if fear grabs you by the            13.           ,I say take that fear and shove

it down            14.       ‘s              15.           , to take charge of your life. Because at that

moment, it’s only the slackline and           16.         .


@fletchffletching relaxing into his meditation on the slackline
@fletchffletching relaxing into his meditation on the slackline



So, I hope you enjoyed these silly Slackrobats Mad Libs. I had such a good time writing them with my friends, that I believe there will be more to come. I would also love to hear a clever Mad Lib story by somebody out there to add to the Slackrobats page. Send us your silly, weird, or funny story ideas and lets keep the laughter and connection between us growing.

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