Slacklining Facilitates Meditation…Here’s How.

Slacklining Facilitates Meditation buddy thomas slackrobats

What is meditation? Meditating is the act of focusing on one thing, such as your breath or a Mantra, to calm and still the mind. A calm still mind allows one to experience a state of inner peace or bliss. Many associate meditating with yoga and breath work, and for good reason. Both of these … Read more Slacklining Facilitates Meditation…Here’s How.

Walking Blind – Slacklining With Eyes Closed

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It’s All About That Breath I hope everyone is having a great day today! That the sun is shining bright wherever you are, if not around you, then in your hearts. Filling you up with love, appreciation, and gratitude with each inhale, and settling a little deeper into the amazing self you are with each … Read more Walking Blind – Slacklining With Eyes Closed